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Java Server

Java Server IP: aetheria.world

Hub, Survival, Vanilla, and Creative: 1.16.3 - 1.12.2 (Running 1.16.3)

UHC: 1.15.2 - 1.8.8 (Running 1.8.8)


[1] NSFW >> Do not talk or post any conversation/media/video that falls under this category.

[2] Spamming >> Repeating the same or similar message can result in punishment. 5 lines is fine.

[3] Drama >> Causing drama or unnecessary arguments. Moderators will verbally warn you to bring it to DM. Continuing to cause drama will result in punishment.

[4] Swearing >> You are not allowed to swear in any way, keep this server PG.

[5] Discrimination of race, etc >> Do not display hate or discrimination of races, religions, gender, and culture. People want to be who they want. Any display of said messages will result in punishment.

[6] Loop-holing >> Attempting to loophole within rules will result in a punishment.

[7] Blackmailing >> Threatening others to do things they do not want to do will result in heavy punishment.

[8] Impersonation >> Impersonating others is not fine and you will get punished for it.

[9] Respect >> Be nice, do not harass or insult others.

[10] Inappropriate Names >> If you are asked to change your name by the Staff Team, Please comply, if you don't you may be kicked/banned.

[11] Advertising >>Do not advertise.


Hub: The server that allows connection to all other servers.


The "modded" survival world made to be like Aetheria. Not actually modded, don't worry. So far, the only major difference "Drinks Making" in which you can right click a cauldron with ingredients to make drinks.


A vanilla Minecraft world, that's it. Also there's no rules.


Stands for Ultra Hardcore. If you don't know what it is, it's basically hunger games but in a blank world.


The "modded" survival world made to be like Aetheria. Not actually modded, don't worry. This is where everything is tested and stuff, and has more features then Aetheria Survival. The features include:



Magical Sapling

Heroic Strike


Power Shot


Wizard Eye


Attributes and Affinities

Quest Board

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