It has come to my attention that many of the characters in the Fan Characters page are far beyond what is acceptable. Thus, I have decided to make this blog to help out non-discorders. Check out my other blog about Fan Characters too, which is a template for making fan characters.

The Requirements

  1. A max of level 3
  2. Must have canon enchantments, materials, classes, and abilities.

Well that's not a lot! Not really necessary to make a whole blog.

Well, a lot of things stem from being level 3. Lets explore them:

What do you get at level 3?

  1. 3 attribute points per level, so 9 for a level 3.
  2. 3 ability points per level, so 9 for a level 3.
  3. 1 class point per level, so 3 for a level 3.
  4. +2 mana and health per level, so a default of 26 at level 3.

This obviously will upset people, which is understandable. My personal suggestion is to make 2 characters, one which follows the requirements here, another for when they are level 30.

So that's it right? Well yes I suppose, but I will point out that being a level 3 means that you can't exactly have op things. A level 3 isn't going to have a sword with Sharpness X. This is a little bit more of a trial and error thing, so for those of you that want to make a good character, you can ask me to critique whether or not it is okay for your character to have certain things. I'll list a few more people here later that you can ask. However, do try and use your common sense. If you can defeat a zombie with 2 hits, probably too powerful. If it takes 10, then you need to buff it.

Here are some requirements that are created because of limited knowledge. If you do break them and it turns out you actually can't have, that's not my problem, I warned you:

  1. Only basic classes. This is because advanced classes can have requirements that a level 3 cannot attain. Wait for the Master Guide to come out for this.
  2. No Ultimates.
  3. No skills higher than 200. This is because 200 is the limit for gaining skill with practice, you'll need to use skill points from here, and we don't know how that works.

Things to know when improving upon the first draft (Work in progress):

  1. Attributes can be boosted by an enchant of the same name. The suggested amount of boosted attributes in this way is 3.
  2. Attributes don't exactly start at 0. Max for example would probably have 15 INT despite a lack of Visual Enchantment. Since it is not clear exactly how this works, have your beginning attributes add up to 0, and then add onto those attributes from there.
  3. Abilities can be boosted by Abilities Boost (Ab Boost: [ability name]). It is suggested that you only have 1.
  4. The personality. It is important. But don't make it the same as everyone, pick something unique.

Feel free to throw down questions below.

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