Aetherian Wiki

Name: Alya quickfoot

Race: foxtail

Classes: assassin (2) thief (1)

Abilities: analyze monster (3) heat metal (1) hide (2) dual wield (1) search (1) spin dash (1) ambush (1) comet (1)

Ults: none

LV: 3

VIT: 2

STR: 3

AGI: 4

INT: 2

RES: 2

KAR: 2

Combat skill: 101

Casting skill: 2

Crafting skill: 85

Building skill: 45

Farming skill: 4

Mining skill: 66

Trading skill: 99

Enchanting skill: 89

Brewing skill: 12

Fishing skill: 23

Cooking skill: 34

Riding skill: 79

Stealth skill: 89

Music skill: 87

Fire affinity: 0

Water affinity: 0

Light affinity: 0

Earth affinity: 0

Air affinity: 0

Shadow affinity: 0

Bio: Alya was once a normal girl who lived in the capitol city of Eohune with her brother, sister and parents they where a normal family who just lived there lives. They did not have classes or abilities but then her family was kidnapped she was hidden under her house but when she came out her entire family was gone. Ever since she has been training with her friends Formula, and Arlo to become the assassin class and currently is in villagetown with the legion still training and will be going to the greater aetherian academy sometime. It shall also be mentioned that she and sound both really hate each other and that she got all of her family’s emeralds.

Pets: raven named nooroo pronounced (noo-ru)

Personality: creative

Appearance: amber eyes long dark red hair tan skin and fox ears and tail

Braveness: (1-10) 7

Clans: (N/A). But is friends with the lost legion

Mounts: Giant wolf named Trixx-(tricks)

Weapon: master's katana enchantments: (sharpness I) (unbreaking lll)

Second-hand weapon: master's katana enchantments: (unbreaking lll) (sunder l)

Third (and final) weapon: forked boomerang enchantments: (xp drain l) (unbreaking lll)

CrossBow: foldable crossbow enchantments: (punch ll) (infinity I)

Helmet: none

Neck: the tiny shield (dark iron) (amber) enchantments: (regeneration l) (resistance l)

Torso: gem-wrought mail chest-plate (dyed black) enchantments: (nightshift ll)

Arm: bunny bracelet enchantments: (jump boost IIl)

Waist: emerald belt enchantments: (regeneration I) (swiftness lll)

Legs: leather shorts (dyed dark grey) enchantments: (fire protection lll)

Boots: leather boots (Dyed black) enchantments: (blast protection l) (agility Ill)

Cloak: cloak of the invisible (bat leather) enchantments: (sure-footed ll) (stealth lll)

Pouch: enchantments: (pocket lll)