Villagetown is a standard village possessing sprawling and ingenious templates. Runt and all his friends (except Breeze) are all from here.

Villagetown is very large for what most would consider an "NPC village," and so often surprises people at the sheer size of the village. The high intelligence of the Villagers born here caused various businesses and shops to open.

Trading is different too since the villagers can see through most scams and it is often difficult to haggle them and negotiation is required.

They will become a village with advanced crafting, similar to Owls Reach.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Villagetown is located to the southeast of Ravensong Forest, surrounded on all sides by plains, excluding its eastern edge, which is covered in a vast forest grove grown by Herobrine's forces.

A vast cobblestone wall rings around the outer border. The buildings within are a typical motley mix of wood, stone, and brick. Due to such close proximity to the War, however, visitors will see more stone and iron than wood and glass. However, Villagetown is still an impressive settlement in eastern Aetheria, there are many large buildings that may stretch 5 stories or more.

As mentioned above, Villagers born here have higher intelligence compared to others from smaller, more humble settlements. This resulted in the creation of various item shops and the addition of combat to their schoolchildren's curriculum. This may also be the cause of an uneven distribution of wealth, as seen with families like the Graybanners and the Shadowcrofts.

Villagetown has been ravaged by wars multiple times, being raided during the events of Wimpy Villager 16, and Nether Kitten 6. Runt theorizes that Villagetown may be merely a testing ground for Herobrine. He writes his diary so Villagetown has a record, in case the village may be destroyed in the future.

The People Of Villagetown[edit | edit source]

Villagers[edit | edit source]

The Villagers are the inhabitants of Villagetown, most likely banding together many years ago in such a large number to increase their chances of survival. This strategy has worked well, as they have better-crafting skills and standards of living than most other villages. It was said that during the year 1511, Villagetown was a settlement of grass blocks and dirt.

After The Crash, noobs came to Villagetown to loot and perhaps trade. Steve occasionally defended the village, and built walls, even taking refuge in the village and teaching combat to the school children after his base was destroyed.

Many refugees from destroyed towns came to Villagetown due to the war.

Lost Legion[edit | edit source]

The Lost Legion is a clan of players who wandered eastward and stumbled across Villagetown. They have mistaken it for one of Herobrine's fortresses, attempting to blow it up. Realizing it was a village, the Legion subjugated it and forced the Villagers to do their chores. Kolb, the leader of the Lost Legion, negotiated peaceful terms due to the hostile reaction of Breeze. They currently have a base in Villagetown known as the Lost Keep.

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