This is what appears to be the next book in the 8-bit warrior series. However, it is uncertain and has not been released yet. It was only on french-not even translated.It was found on Amazon (you don't have to buy the book) and a few other websites. It might not be accurate. Search it up yourself if you want. However, it would have to be after Forging Destiny or perhaps the latest Wimpy Villager book, as the cover includes Breeze in her true form(elf.) (I cannot add the picture since I do not have an account, and I cannot make one because I am still in school.)

Description (translated):[edit | edit source]

The new Diary of a Noob saga!
After the attack on their village, Minus and Alizée have no other choice but to assume their role of warrior, and go to war against Herobrine and his henchmen.
After the Diary of a Noob, this new saga will take you even further into the Minecraft universe!


La nouvelle saga du Journal d'un Noob !

Après l'attaque de leur village, Minus et Alizée n'ont d'autre choix que d'endosser leur rôle de guerrier, et partir en guerre contre Herobrine et ses sbires.

Après le Journal d'un Noob, cette nouvelle saga vous emmènera encore plus loin dans l'univers Minecraft !


Please add more if you know any information on it. It might not even be real, but would be greatly appreciated if you contribute your information to this page.

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