Wishes Edit

A Wish is an extremely rare single-use item that takes the form of a rainbow coin. When activated, the coin vanishes and grants the user the Wish Ability. This ability allows the user to choose between one of the following effects. Single-Use effects are used once for an instant effect. Temporary effects are used once for an effect that wears off after a certain amount of time. Permanent effects last forever once wished for. Creating effects are single-use, but they create something that lasts forever.

List of Wish Effects Edit

Name Type Effect
Spell Barrier Permanent Makes the user extremely resistant to all but magical attacks.
Banish Monsters Single-Use Teleports all nearby non-undead mobs away and instantly kills all nearby undead mobs.
Forcefield Permanent Makes the user extremely resistant to physical attacks.
Blessing of Kings Temporary Provides a strong buff to you and any nearby teammates.
Divine Intervention Single-Use Resurrects teammates and heals you and any nearby teammates to full health.
Summon Emeralds Creating Summons a large number of emeralds in your inventory.
Request Assistance Creating Summons a greater being that will obey you.
Transfer Party Single-Use Instantly teleports you and your party to a location of your choice.
Speak With Immortal Single-Use Allows you to speak with an immortal being.
Weaken One Monster Temporary Casts a strong weakness debuff on an enemy of your choice.
Call Flying Mount Creating Summons a flying mount that will obey you.
Boost Skills of Party Temporary Temporarily provides a massive skill boost to you and your party.
Cast Any Two Ultimates Single-Use Allows you to cast two ultimates at the same time. (Can't be the Wish ult)
Unlock Any Door Single-Use Unlocks a door of your choice.
Modify Current Biome Single-Use Changes the biome you are in to a biome of your choice.
Open Portal to Another Realm Creating Opens a portal to a dimension of your choice.
Enchant an Item Creating Places any max level enchantment on a weapon or tool of your choice.
Wizinvis Temporary Makes you completely invisible, including any armor or weapons you have equipped. While this effect is active, you cannot be detected by any means.
Create Any One Item Creating Creates an item of your choice, made out of any material you choose. Cannot create enchanted items or items made out of legendary materials like adamant.

Wish Angel Edit

The Wish Angel appears when you use the Wish ability, allowing you to select the effect you want.

Wish girl
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