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Zain is one of the human fan characters of the Aetheria Offline Saga. He is friendly and has a Bravery of 5 - quite high for a Level 5. He’s a new recruit of the Lost Legion. He has the lowest rank of the Legion, an Initiate, and is a Traveler as well as a Believer (he believes that the world is real with inhabitants with real emotions (NPCs) and not just the result of programming and lines of code). He also owns an ice cream shop called The Blizzard which sells ice cream sandwiches.



He is very unsure of himself and does not know at all what to do, constantly asking others for guidance.

He also doesn't seem to have been informed properly by the other members of the cast, and all of them love playing pranks on him, as seen in Aetheria Offline 1.


Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Crescent Wakizashi Spellforged Steel 5-8D 1.1 Masterwork I
Weapon Iron Broadsword Broadsword Iron 7D 1.8 Sharpness I
Weapon Iron Dagger Dagger(straight) Iron 2.5D 1
Head Legion Cowl Wool +1 Night Eyes I
Torso Ln. Battle Suit [U] Chestplate Leather, Iron +3 Cold Resist I, Fire Resist I, Blast Resist I
Legs Ln. Battle Suit [L] Leggings Leather, Iron +3 Cold Resist I, Fire Resist I, Blast Resist I
Feet Ln. Battle Boots Boots Leather, Iron +2
Cloak Lost Legion Initiate Cloak Cloak Wool Agility II
Gloves Ln. Battle Gloves Gloves Leather, Iron +2
Belt Ln. Sash Belt Leather Strength II
Pouch Enchanted Satchel Satchel Leather Pouch I
Ring Ring of Strength Ring Silver Strength II
Ring Ring of Strength Ring Silver Strength II

Series Timeline

Aetheria Offline 1: Zain is about to venture to Fallowmere to investigate a dungeon with a team of 7 others: Becca, Ched, Rubinia, Faolan, Cobalt, and Nayte.


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