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Zigurd is a villager (presumably - in most drawings, he has a standard human nose) and a member of the Knights of Aetheria. He, along with Sir Elric Darkbane, Konrad and seven other Knights were tasked with escorting Runt, Stump, Breeze, Emerald, Max, Lola, Ophelia and Cogboggle to the Capital. He later fights alongside the Knights, Lost Legion and the people of Villagetown against the forces of the Underlord Urrm. He is presumably still responsible for escorting the initiates to Aetheria City.

Zigurd is ill-tempered and grumpy, obviously not understanding the responsibilities and duties that come with the Knights of Aetheria. He also believes a true initiates should be able to keep track of nessecities such as horses, as he displays in obvious disgust when asked to find a new horse for Runt. He is also prone to uttering ‘noobery’ often, such as when in a situation he doesn’t like. He also doesn’t seem to be respected in the eyes of Sir Elric, as shown in the prologue of Aetheria Offline 1.

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